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Submerso: Listen to my new album

I'm thrilled to announce my new album (Submerso) is available on all music streaming platforms.

I already mentioned before that, since 2015, I have been privileged to work at Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, and many other services), and I felt even more privileged when starting my sabbatical in February 2021. Currently, Automattic offers a three-month sabbatical every five years.

My original plan was to bike-packing for different cities, but I decided to stay home to produce new songs at the beginning of my sabbatical due to pandemic status here in Brazil. In February, I released my first EP with two instrumental songs produced in 2011.

As I was away from musical production for almost ten years since I produced those songs and this album of my former band, I had to test a few DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for a couple of weeks to choose the best one for my needs. After working on Ableton Live Lite and Pro Tools First, Logic Pro made me more productive, and I decided to stick to it.

In March 2021, I started producing new songs, and Submerso was born (Submerse in Brazilian Portuguese), expressing my feelings about the pandemic waves.

Here is its chorus lyrics translated to English:

I look around and discover that I am not alone.
More people in those waves and more and more waves.
I insist on breathing. Please don’t stop breathing.
It seems to have no end, but I know it will end soon.

Submerso – Rafael Funchal

The EP was available only on SoundCloud during the production time, but I’m thrilled to announce my new album is now available on all music streaming platforms.

EP Submerso

Even though its lyrics are in Portuguese, I hope you enjoy its songs 🙂

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